How To View Private Facebook Profiles

How To View Private Facebook Profiles

How To View Private Facebook Profiles It's Easy Now…Just read

How To Make Your Facebook Friends List Private

Are you on the lookout for info on how to view private facebook profiles and facebook hack? It is commonplace observance that most of us would definitely love to see facebook “friends” list prosper. The target is to be able to show off a few hundreds or thousands and gain much popularity. But you should also know that much popularity can get you into unknown problems. It can prove harmful for both, for you and even friends those are connected to you! Thus it is compulsory to make your friends list private on facebook. You might not know that your friends list is easily accessible to any marketers if they search you or your friends name in search box on Facebook, leaving no exclusivity.

In the endeavor to find out how to view private facebook profiles also be aware that guests are able to record their names and even able to contact your friends or even you under the pretext of similar interests unless you make the account private. This can create harassment through unwanted contact, private messages and unknown requests as friend. It is always best to ensure that friend list on Facebook is always kept private so that it won’t allow such marketers to peek in to your Facebook Profile neither your friends list. Don’t let any facebook hack compromise your profile.

Screen shot of random facebook guy on his private locked form viewing his information profile. with explanation by red marks what you need to hide with containing the red text: 'FROM THIS...'.
Facebook Friends List Exposure

Don’t step on the panic button and delete your questionable friends for privacy. It is now at hand to know how to view private facebook profiles and how to hack facebook! Only two simple steps to follow so you can evade anyone from personally browsing through your account.

  1. First, log into your Facebook account
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Select “Manage” listed under “Privacy”
  4. Choose “Profile” then Go to “Friends”
  5. Select the option in the drop-down menu that says “customize” [See 1 Below]
  6. Change the options on who all can view friends list on profile page
  7. Uncheck Box “Everyone on Facebook” [2]
  8. Select button which indicates “Only Friends” [3]
  9. Go to drop-down menu under the Networks, and select “None of My Networks” [4]

Now you can be confident that people listed in your our network (any how) are unable to view your friend list! See, how to view private facebook profiles and facebook hack is simple, isn’t it?

Screen shot of Friends page in the settings and the customize page on facebook website. with explanation by red arrows and numbers what you need to change that containing the red text: 'From the drop-down, pick
Modify Facebook Privacy Settings

From the options box, you can make sure that no one is able to scroll through all the profile pictures that you “forgot” to delete!

Screen shot of search page in the privacy in the settings on facebook website. with explanation by red circles what you need to mark.
Edit your Facebook Search Settings

  1. Type individual name you would like to hide your friend list from in “Except These People” box [5]
  2. Select “Okay”
  3. Remember to Save changes in the end. Then navigate to any other page.
  4. Shield your list from information collectors by clicking the “Settings” link at the top of your Facebook page again
  5. Choose “Privacy”
  6. Click on “Search”
  7. You should uncheck “My friend list”, “Search Result Content”

This will show you how to view private facebook profiles and prevent anyone from viewing your profile page.

Screen shot of a gay on faecbook with private friends list with my text rex mark that containing the text: ' this!'.
Secured Facebook Profile Page

You can ensure that any or your entire friend can’t view your Facebook Friend List by adding them to “Except These People” box on the profile privacy page.

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